Sunday, December 28, 2008

Don't Jump Aboard Without ... Potion and Poppy from Jimmy Choo Cruise 2009

Ahoy holidaymakers, ‘tis the time for you to leave that dreadful grey skies and snow-bound grounds of your home for the pleasant sunshine. As the fuel price is dropping drastically around the globe, more are turning to the novel ‘green’ Christmas rather than sticking to traditional white.

Think of Christmas by the Caribbean or South Pacific with coconut trees rather than traditional bedecked Christmas tree, plus one or two piña colladas or perhaps some exotic blend cocktail in your hands. Don’t forget about lying and swinging lazily on the rustic brown hammock too!

But before you embark on a
nother trip of the lifetime to the other end of the world (cruise trips are always fancy and far beyond imaginable sometimes), put away those hideous sandals and pack these dainty heels from Jimmy Choo’s latest Cruise 2009 collection instead – the Poppy and Potion sandals.

Why I must stash them into my suitcase?

These god-sent sandals are special because they are drenched in bright candy-like neon hues, which will spice up just anyone’s wardrobe or mood. Even the heels itself, known as the Mondrian, are made of coloured resin or Perspex rather than being traditionally conceived from wood.

What are they made of? Aren’t the heels safe?

Good question. The Potion sandals are made of patent leather while the Poppy sandals are made of both suede and patent leather. As for the clear Mondrian heels, they are totally safe to wear.

Where can I wear them?

You can wear them just anywhere, either at daytime or in the evening. If you wish to relive the disco days, then put either one and start hitting the club. These sandals will guarantee you the most attention from the party animals as soon as you made your royal entrée into the club.

What is the best style arsenal should I pair it with?

Embrace the psychedelic beauty of neon hues with another dazzling creation by Jimmy Choo for the Cruise season – the Dylan bags. Translucent and drenched in candy hues, they are the right arm and eye candy for you to take to the beach.

Though some may say the approximate price tag of RM 2501.30 may be ridiculous for a plastic beach bag, for avid fashionistas, it’s just another must have from the shoemaker of the stars!

How much does it cost to walk on the clear heels?

The sassy Poppy sandals cost around RM 3300.00 a pair while multicoloured Potion price is upon request.

Where can I get them?

At all Jimmy Choo boutiques, Jimmy Choo Online store at,, as well as selected departmental stores and multi-brand footwear retailers worldwide.

*Photos courtesy of Jimmy Choo/Valiram Group.

Jimmy Choo - Lot G43, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kuala Lumpur 50088.

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iloveme said...

hola uols....mek mmg jatuh chenta dgn blog uol doses....informative and i u happen to know where can i find the prada butterfly?? hiks

Nana said...

Happy New Year Darling! Sorry lambat gila .. been busy shopping hahahahah! Hope you have a Fantabulous 2009!