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The Belles of the Ball ... My Top Five Stylish Socialites

When we talk about socialites, the common picture created in our minds would be a bevy of impeccably dressed ladies and men who have all the money in the world, spoiling themselves and tens of generations to come on big cars, flashy jewels and majestic mansions.

Ah, not to mention frequently being on the lenses of the paps as well as on the society page of Harper’s BAZAAR and VOGUE all year round. How I envy their lives!

Now, despite having the privilege to buy the finest gowns in the world, sewn by the skilful hands of ‘petite mains’ who dedicated themselves to the temples of fashion, to be honest, not everyone has the access to another privilege that only a handful few has – insouciance and unparalleled je ne sais quoi.

Below is my very own list of top five society women who certainly fits the bill as “the rich, the beautiful and the iconoclastic style goddess”.

Daphne Guinness

The only way one could spot this heiress to the Guinness family is through her unique skunk-striped hair. Mother to three kids and former daughter in law of Greek shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos (through her marriage with his son Spyros), Daphne is no stranger to the global fashion world.

You can always see her strutting couture pieces on the glossy pages of fashion magazines everywhere. She’s also notable for her pe
nchant of black and white (just look at her hair), as well as utilizing armour in fashion. Yes, the medieval suit of armour but not as a whole.

However, one may not see her all the time wearing armoured dress because that only happens sometimes and no one knows when.

Nan Kempner

The grand dame of fashion eternally remembered by her contemporaries and her admirers as the one and only X-Ray socialite, Kempner (née Schlesinger) claimed that her exposure to the rich and not-so-affable couture world began at a tender age, thanks to her mom.

A couture admirer to the end, she had been seen in a plethora of admirable pieces created by the hands of Yves Saint Laurent, Mainbocher, and also Bill Blass just to list a few. Besides being known for high style taste, the ever-classy philanthropist also wrote a book called RSVP in 2000. The book, featuring photograp
hs by Quentin Bacon reveals in-depth details on how to become a good hostess.

And of course, for the uninitiated, it would be a great honour should one gets invited to one of the Kempner-hosted soirees! Sadly, Kempner died of Emphysema on July 3rd, 2005 at the age of 74.

HRH Raja Zarina Tan Sri Raja Zainal

Nobody could wear Roberto Cavalli’s bustier gown in blue porcelain Ming vase print circa fall/winter 2005 with great confidence and dignified charm other than Her Royal Highness Raja Zarina.

Also known among the international jetsetters as Princess Zarina Zainal of Malaysia, Raja Zarina, wh
o is also a well-known philanthropist, is blessed with beautiful tanned skin and flawless yet youthful complexion. Not to mention a body every woman would definitely die for, thus making her an ideal fashion muse to look up to (fashion designers, jot this statement down in your black book).

And if I were given a chance to raid any of the Malaysian socialites’ extensive walk-in closets, I certainly would choose to sack Raja Zarina’s closet. Why? Because it houses neat lines of Chanel, Roberto Cavalli (I’d die for it), Emilio Pucci, Carlos Miele, Gucci and so many more, thus perfectly fits th
e term ‘fashion heaven’.

Ivanka Trump

While most young socialites tend to rely on their parent’s first name or family surname just to be immersed under the spotlight of fame, Ivanka Trump does not need that at all.

Shot to fame as a fashion model, a job that she took to pay her telephone bills during her college days, she literally inherits her Czech mother’s beauty. Best of all, the blond with a brain also graduated from Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania in the year 2004, obtaining a bachelor of Science in Economics.

Though her modelling days are over due to her involvement with her father’s reputable organization, she never lost her interest in fashion. In fact, she even launched her own jewellery line called Ivanka Trump collection.

Tinsley Mortimer

She’s hot, she’s blond and she’s absolutely famous. Plus, she’s a fashion designer too. Who is she? She’s Tinsley Mortimer.

Though not many know or heard of her name in this part of the world, unlike that heiress cum skank Paris Hilton, Tinsley has created quite a large fanbase for herself in; don’t get shocked people, Japan. Yes, the Japanese love Tinsley so much and due to the strong affection that they have, she used that opportunity to strengthen her presence there, not as a socialite but as a brand by collaborating with Samantha Thavasa.

As a result, her first handbag line was born and took Japan by storm, just the way how Paris and sister Nicky did for the brand years ago. Word has it, the Japanese can’t get enough of her. So, she got herself another fashion venture and conceives her own clothing line called Riccime by Tinsley Mortimer. The line is available exclusively to select retailers in Japan and that also includes Isetan stores around Tokyo.

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