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Unleash The Bikers' Spirit ... William Rast F/W 09 - 10

When a celebrity starts his or her own fashion line, they would immediately look on their personal styles as point of reference.

In my opinion, I would call it vain because in reality, it is their stylists who work hard setting the trend, while these limelight-thirst people are only the endorsers.

Seriously, I would laugh my heart out whenever I hear celebrities who claim to cut, sew and stitch their own stuff. I bet they even had never lifted a pencil and sketch their ideas on A4 papers.

Anyway, looks like
pop heartthrob cum former serial lover to Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz Justin Timberlake and partner Trace Ayala are doing more than just ‘well’ or ‘excellent’ in the fashion industry. Literally, the fashion sphere (except for some people) just can’t get enough of their rustic styled denims and Timberlake style-inspired garbs, which combines the advanced tailoring with a bit of southern-styled Rock and Roll.

However, the fact is William Rast collection still bears the reflection of Justin’s personal style and no matter what; the brand still falls into celebrity clothing line category.

For the fall/winter 2009-10 collection, Justin and Trace, coupled with designer Johann Lindber
g and wife (from the J Lindberg brand fame) bring forth the edginess and ruggedness of timeless biker style into the fashion limelight. Draw in mind the images of Hells’ Angels and those devilish choppers cruising down defunct route 66.

If I am not mistaken, prior to the fashion presentation that took place at the New York Fashion Week a month ago, I have seen Justin wearing if not one, then maybe some of the pieces in Rihanna’s “Rehab” video clip.

Yeah, remember the time when he came into the scene, riding a bike and dressed in black from head to the toe, full-face helmet included? If you still remember it then you have a good memory. I think those pieces resemble what William Rast is about to offer in the next six months.

The pieces include leather bikers’ jacket with expanded hem length, well-tailored blazers that fall down to the hip worn over oversized tee shirts, above abs-cropped denim jacket with studded long sleeves paired with black riding gloves and torn jeans, lumberjack shirts, smart overcoat matched with plaid scarf wrapped around the neck, and body-conscious military jacket in denim. All of these stylish fall/winter pieces are coolly paired with pairs of black fringed boots, one of the bikers’ style staple.

Nonetheless, it is always the jeans that get the most attention as usual. Sporting classic worn out washes, some are even ripped to perfection and thus, causing mom to frown and nag ceaselessly for investing your one-month pay over a pair of ripped jeans. But you know what they say, fashion is always a subjective matter; what’s beautiful in our eyes may be ugly to the others.

William Rast’s fall/winter 2009-10 ready-to-wear and accessories collection will be available at selected retailers and department stores worldwide by early fall this year.

*Photos by Marcio Madeira for

William Rast at TENC - Lot 3.35, Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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