Friday, March 27, 2009

Traversing The Cities ... Geren Ford SS09 Collection

Here’s my Diana Vreeland-esque “Why Don’t You” statement of the day – “Why don’t you load the fantastic vibes of Buenos Aires, Capri and Sydney into your spring/summer’s walk-in closet?”

Sounds impossible, right? Well ladies, that won’t be impossible anymore because the sensation and the feel of these coveted destinations, separated by three different continents, have been meticulously interwoven into a collection of desirable garbs and accessories by designer Geren Ford.

Retaining the Californian boho chic features that have been part of Geren’s style trademark, the new collection has its inspiration drawn from the surroundings and dreamy moods of these places.

Just think of waking up to the smell of aromatic South American coffee and the tempestuous sweetness of Dulce de Leche (an Argentine desert) in the heart of Buenos Aires’ old world charm; a lazy afternoon on a wooden boat amidst the blue and vast Mediterranean coast of Capri and ends with a superb girls’ night out in the cosmopolitan Sydney.

Now let me share with you a special itinerary on how to absorb the aura of these cities without having to be there physically.

Start your morning by basking under the old world charm of Buenos Aires with a sweet but simple ensemble of white Mac Henley with a pair of grey Capri pants.

Or how about swapping the white one with something more colourful to start your day like the gather tee in yellow and teal? That should be an awesome choice!

As the afternoon approaches, swap your outfit once again for that lazy noon by the sea in Capri mood with this sexy rivet shift in purple and teal with gilded rivets detailed on the frontal.

If you prefer to skip the boat and have lunch with your girlfriends at the seaside restaurants, go for a purple mini dress with ruffled short sleeves, which also looks perfect for after-lunch cocktail.

When night falls, shift your mood to the lively ambience of Sydney at night with a royal silk halter gown, a super fantastic choice to paint the town red!

And as what I have been told by Geren last year (remember my interview with her?), your Geren Ford woman look will be complete now with an array of fabulous accessories.

Must covet items for this season are woven clutches with lock clasps in dazzling colours and those patent sandals. Yum-may!!!

Geren Ford spring/summer 2009 collection is available now at Maizen Maison.

*Photos courtesy of Geren Ford.

Maizen Maison - 112 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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