Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Covet This ... Mason Bag by The Gentlemen's League

The fashion world could not help it but to go gaga over tattooed bags. However, some guys do believe that carrying the same bag with similar tattoo prints while strolling around town seems so un-cool.

Why? The reason is simple - tattoos are usually high in sentimental value and no one wants to be seen sporting similar tattoo designs in the public (unless if it indicates your tribe, clan or something). Therefore, why don’t you rich boys chip out some of your retail therapy fund and invest (yes, that’s the word) in The Gentlemen’s League Mason bag

What’s cool about this bag?

For the uninitiated, this is the bag of the bags and it is
not mass produced. Instead, the Mason bag is hand-painted by Adam Razak, the master artist of The Gentleman’s League.

Huh, The Gentlemen’s League? Is that a secret society?

That’s a good try but a wrong guess. The Gentlemen’s League is neither a secret all-male society nor a fashion label. It is a group of artists residing in the Big Apple and they are all passionate in beauty, art and creativity. In addition, the group also frowns upon today’s idea of labelling and selling mass-produced and generic aesthetics as luxury.

How do I know that Mason will put me in the style spotlight?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Mason bag is not mass-produced. So, expect to just a few copies of this. Furthermore, the bag is also signed, titled and embossed with commission number. Meaning, no two bags will look alike.

What’s the damage to own this aesthetic piece?

That would be $2500.00 a pop. Convert into Malaysian Ringgit, that sum is equivalent to RM 9068.75 – a drop in the bucket for someone who truly appreciates personal style and cutting edge fashion statement.

Where can I buy it?

Make your way to Début in New York, the sophisticated spot for sophisticated style du jour.

*Photos courtesy of Début New York.

Début New York – 298, Mulberry Street, New York NY 1001

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