Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grace in the City ... Amir Luqman for Dragonfly 2009 Collection

Someone told me to break into Indonesian fashion market is not easy as you may think.

Unless the name is Prada, Dior or Mariah Carey, should correct set of strategies and campaigns are not well-planned and executed, it may take you forever to break through this booming (the coun
try has more millionaires or billionaires in the Southeast Asia region compared to Malaysia and Singapore) yet challenging fashion market.

However, for young yet up and coming designer Amir Luqman (above, third to the left), he does not need anything like special amulets or magic charms to charm the Indonesian fashionistas. All he needs is a set of fashion-forward and bold designs, smart mix of fabulous colours, meticulous techniques and luxurious materials, plus a wave of je ne sais quoi that you could not find in other designers, both locally and regionally.

Recently, Amir Luqman, who is synonymous for his cutting edge creations that never forsake true femininity and unparalleled beauty, took Indonesian fashion scene by storm by presenting his collection at the Indonesian Edition launch in its super cosmopolitan city Jakarta.

Held at the city’s über-chic night club Dragonfly, almost everyone present at the event, including press members and guests that were speci
ally flown to Jakarta for the event that night, were mesmerised by Amir’s nonchalant creativity and clever style and trend intermixture.

Witnessed by an enthusiastic crowd of Jakarta’s who’s who and press members from both countries, the fashion showcase was graced by the presence of three Malaysian divas – Jaclyn Victor, Atilia and Noryn Aziz – all clad in Amir’s sumptuous creations.

Taking his inspiration from a variety of sources, the new collection simply mirrors what a woman would desire to wear: clothes that aren’t too embellished or too colourful, simple in terms of cuts and draperies but at the same time, drenched in the ultimate touch of elegance and sophistication, aligned with the nature of Jakarta itself, which is a fast-paced modern city tucked in the heart of exotic Java Island.

Playing with sensuous silhouettes that have been making rounds into fashionista wardrobes since the last few years and the richness of jewel tones, or perhaps inspired by the captivating hues of the dragonflies (which is also the name of the showcase venue) for the working palette, a woman would never feel bored with Amir Luqman’s current collection.

For instance, a one-shoulder toga dress with drape detail (above, left) is meticulously done using panel approach and added with the touch of Greek goddess style. Stunning is the best word to describe this dress and what’s more, the effortlessly clean line used in its construction makes it superbly perfect for any modern-day style goddess to wear.

The ethereal and sensuous mood is further raised with this stunning white two-piece garb consisting of corseted strapless top with sweetheart neckline cinched to the waist and a matching pencil skirt with above-knee hem (left). Classic meets up-to-the-minute, the corset top, which is also peplumed around the waistline has somehow found its way into Amir’s design trademarks.

In addition, the pearlescent white hue brings forth the refined elegance of the ensemble. Further enhancing the look of the evening is a sleeveless bolero fashioned into a blooming rose (as seen on the model’s forearm), which I have to admit, a truly painstaking job but worth creating.

Ending the show that evening is another marvellous and oh so creative sheath dress with slanting tiered ruffled hem and chiffon drape detail worn as hood.

A startling garb which reminds me of Spanish flamenco costume, this hooded evening wear, which is simply clean, raw and unembellished, is sure to grab the undying attention of any fashion editors, fashionistas and celebrities.

I wonder if Lady Gaga would consider wearing this unrivalled piece of couture at her gig. That is, should her record company break the news that she’s coming to our shores, quenching the thirst of electronica fans on electronica gigs anytime soon? Well, just my wild assumption.

Therefore, for those who are interested to be dressed in the pieces displayed above by designer du jour Amir Luqman, you can get in touch with him via Facebook, Myspace or also by his email at

*Photos courtesy of Amir Luqman.

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