Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In The Press, Again ... Malay Mail, Wednesday 15-04-09

I have quite a surreal feeling today. Usually, it is me who does the interviews with celebs, fashion designers, models, you just name it. However, I believe lady luck must have been smiling at me when Angie from Malay Mail shot me an email last week proposing for an interview. Gasp! I’m so flabbergasted!

And after a week of anticipation, Angie’s colleague Gabey just informed me that the interview will appear in today’s Malay Mail. Okay, enough said, below is the scanned image of the published interview. I’m hoping to get more chances to be interviewed in the future and a million thanks to Malay Mail and Angie for the great writeup.

(Click on the resized image to enlarge and read the article)

*Photo by ME.

4 fashionistas wrote ...:

SuperCJ P.I said...

Hi Shaiful,

I got your link from the malay mail's article. I am so impressed with your knowledge in fashion.I would certainly be one of your follower..

iloveme said...

total GLAM.... congrats uols!!!

iloveme said...

biasa-biasa for u...but MAJOR COOLNESS for most of us....hiks...congrats again n keep it up!

ReaganRayMunang said...

Shaiful my fashion guru!

Argggh! Hugs! waaa..i didn't know bout this darl..ohh my,punya la ketinggalan zamannya sy ni..ummm...Congrats darl :)