Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hey everyone ...

I know it's been a while I have not scribble on fashion and I know the first week of May is going to end soon. Oh boy, what can I say. I've been so busy lately with work; too busy till I have no time for my own or the blog. But whatever will be, this blog will keep on running and will keep on bringing you the latest and the hottest news in fashion.

In addition, I would also like to make an announcement here. If you notice the teaser banner on the right side of the blog, well, that is the thing that I would like to tell you. After a year of hiatus from serious magazine writing, I have decided to make a grand return. Not as a fashion writer but lo and behold, an editor! Yes, you got me right and EQL is the name of the magazine. What EQL is all about and who should read the magazine, that will be disclosed soon because I am still in the midst of constructing this 'angel of mine' and I am so damn happy for it.

But anyways, have a happening summer and don't forget to drop by the blog whenever you're around the net. See you soon!

Muitos Beijos,

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