Saturday, April 18, 2009

When Graceful Grecian Goddess Goes Tough ... Bodyamr SS09 RTW Collection

History taught us that the ancient Greece was divided into two states – the much cultured Athens and tough-as-nail Sparta.

While modern world is more inclined to Athens, which has been one of the world’s greatest contributors to the human civilizations, including looks such as the classic Grecian goddess looks, less is known about Sparta, with the exception of being a state that exercises military approach on every aspect of their lives.

And speaking about Grecian goddess style, I am quite sure that there are many fashionistas out there who are a bit tired by how Grecian goddess looks have been typically represented – soft with fluid silhouette and unparalleled gracefulness.

But here’s good news for those who are seeking for change – British designer Amr Ali of Bodyamr (pronounced as body armour) is going to revamp that archetypal ‘soft’ look and buck it up with a dash of toughness, ingénue audacity and unchallenged sensuality without neglecting femininity.

Mixing a number of techniques and silhouettes borrowed from the ancient Greece’s majestic sense of fashion, the new spring/summer collection 2009 signifies a new approach in Grecian style dressing.

In another way to describe, it is like having the muses on drunken rampage (thanks to Dionysius's strong wines); ravaging Hera’s or Aphrodite’s closet, cull those soft silk drapes embroidered with tiny stars out of the wardrobe and stuff it with tough as nail clothes inspired by the styles of Sparta women or perhaps, those belong to the daredevil-ish Amazons.

The working palette is totally a reflection of Mediterranean summer with turquoise, black, cream and yellow just to list a few. Apart from that, a ubiquitous feature that one could not miss would be the draping technique approach used by Amr.

Truly harking those used by the ancient Grecian women, the clothes are finely draped across the wearer’s body while the pleat detailing is truly refined yet sensuous, akin to the soft swirls that one can see on the marble statues of ancient Greek goddesses. Some even sport those posh wing-like elongated sleeves.

Apart from dresses and jumpers made with Grecian drapery approach, sophisticated and chic pieces such as shorts and cuffed long-sleeved top ensemble in black and white are absolutely simple and suitable to be worn to beaches.

Even a contrasting beige long-sleeved top with cape worn with a stunning long-sleeved long dress in seducing coral, as well as silky black off-shoulder long-sleeved dress with thigh-high slits on both sides and a narrow belt around the waist could be considered as office friendly.

Evoking that luxe Grecian female warrior spirit to life is a choice of tough-looking accessories such as sateen headbands, meticulously crafted polos (a cylindrical crown worn by goddess Hera), embellished belts and refined bronze stack bracelets.

Bodyamr’s spring/summer 2009 ready-to-wear collection is available now at selected multi-brand retailers worldwide. In Southeast Asia, the nearest Bodyamr stockist is Harvey Nichols Hong Kong.

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Bodyamr at Harvey Nichols Hong Kong - The Landmark, 15 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong.

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cutecarry said...

I never thought of grecian goddess can be transformed into a wearable office wear. good idea. But iff it looks to spartari-an or aphrodite-ish (I hope I spell i right) and afraid people will be mistaken you as Miss Greece Pageant contestant, probably throw a sharp cut jacket over it. It is in party ready after office hour sans the jacket!

Pixienish said...

I love this article. Very well written :)

Anonymous said...

love love LOVE IT!!
BODYAMR is the new Halston

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