Sunday, June 07, 2009

Nicky Hilton's In Love With KL!

First, elder sister Paris Hilton has successfully did it by confiding Malaysian fashionistas into buying her bags. Now, it’s the younger sister Nicky’s turn to do the same – convincing Malaysians into buying her lifestyle. Ah yes, the invasion of the Hilton sisters!

Well, I didn’t know anything about it since I have not receive any official press release stating that the lesser-known Miss Hilton is going to invade our shores with her clothing brands, namely Chick, Nicholai and Nicky Hilton Beverly Hills. I only found it out today while strolling around Lot 10 and the store seemed to be bigger than her elder sister’s standalone store located at the second floor of Pavilion KL.

During my last visit to her website about two years ago, Nicky planned to open a lifestyle store in Dubai, but I have not heard about it ever since until today. She might have probably changed her mind and shift it to KL.

Anyway, the store, which is covered with hoarding featuring Nicky and her brand logos at this moment, spanned about three shop lots (formerly an Esprit store) and will most probably carry all of her three brands. Will it carry her Samantha Thavasa line as well? Err, that one I am not so sure.

Since Nicky Hilton name doesn’t seem to make a buzz here, in KL, where girls would rather choose her sister Paris as their fashion’s point of reference, I do believe that Nicky would do great in KL due to her classier fashion sense constantly reflected in her designs.

Though there is no word about when it’s going to start operating, I just received news that Hilton was in Tokyo recently to launch her Japan-exclusive NICKYHILTON brand. The brand is the result of her partnership with Sumitex International Ltd., a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corp.

What’s more, the brand is retailed through Shop Channel and to increase brand awareness, Hilton also made media appearances on national TV. So, will the real Miss Hilton made her appearance on our shores once her lifestyle store opens? Well, we’ll leave it to the Malaysian distributor to break the news.

Therefore, Nicky Hilton wannabes keep crossing your fingers and hope that Miss Hilton will be there to launch the store.

*Photos courtesy of and Sumitex International.

Nicky Hilton – Ground Floor, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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