Monday, July 13, 2009

Counting Days ....

Hi all,

Been missing all of you so much, as well as blogging. Too bad I have to give my two hundred percent on the birth of my magazine now. Oh, before anything else, just to let you know that we've changed the name of our magazine from EQL (which simply stands for Equal) to MODÈLLE. Although it's just a slight name change, the content will be the same but will be improvised from time to time.

And to my dear media friends, be prepared to as I might be throwing a press junket very soon, to give you guys an exclusive first look to my magazine or should I say, "my baby"? Hehehe. Anyway, again I am so sorry for not keeping you posted on what's the latest in the fashion world but will definitely make it up to you via MODÈLLE very, very soon. So guys, do wish me and MODÈLLE the best of luck.


2 fashionistas wrote ...:

the MUA said...

Good luck!!!

nuha nuha said...

OH.MY.DIEU. i cannot believe i haven't been to your site for AGES! haha, i'm in uni already and oh god you have a magazine already!? WOW WOW WOW you sure did life good, honey! when will it hit the stores? i must grab a hand on it!!!!

gros gros bisous