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Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation

Whenever I pop up the question ‘what I must do when in Hong Kong’, the majority would simply clamour ‘shopping’. Oh yes, I can’t say no to that because Hong Kong IS a shopping paradise.

Yes, thanks to the sinful tax-free shopping practice and galore of brands one could find throughout the city. But of late, Louis Vuitton has suggested me another way to have fun in Hong Kong, besides shopping – sneak into Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Hahaha, I know this sounds weird and boring, especially if you are not an art buff like I do. But wait, everything comes with a reason and Louis Vuitton has its unique reason behind its suggestion. Ladies and gentlemen, France’s renowned luxury fashion maison and malletier Louis Vuitton is proud to invite you to its art exhibition called “Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation”.

A profoundly artistic event showcasing marvellous collaborative works of art by renowned art masters of our time and Louis Vuitton, the exhibition was organised by Hong Kong Museum of Art in conjunction with Hong Kong’s 17th Le May French Art Festival.

Jointly presented by Louis Vuitton and Fondation Louis Vuitton pour la Création, the exhibition, which was opened to the public since 22nd May and ends on the forthcoming 9th of August, is also
held in collaboration with Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau.

A true significance to the long time correlations built between the revered malletier and world of arts since the last 150 years, the exhibition is indeed, an art and cultural exhibition anyone should not miss. Not just for Louis Vuitton die-hard fans but also for contemporary art connoisseurs. As usual, what is a Louis Vuitton event or exhibition if the town was not talking about it before day one begins?

A few days before the exhibition was opened to the public, it already drew great curiosity among passer-bys after seeing the entire museum building, which oversees the scenic Victoria Harbour, being draped in yards of Richard Prince’s famous “After Dark” series posters.

But the answer was dramatically revealed on the 21st May, when Creative Director Marc Jacobs and the likes of Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Takashi Murakami and Frank Gehry descended the ‘fragrant harbour’ soil to officiate the event. Joining them on that historic night were 900 lucky guests and media members from all over the world, treating themselves to vernissage cocktails and of course, lots of sumptuous collaborative artworks.

Now, we move to what’s inside the exhibition. As I mentioned earlier, this exhibition is an exhibition that anyone should not miss. So, what you’ll find inside is not just a train of Louis Vuitton’s famous bags and trunks dating from primordial times to the present.

Instead, you will find yourself walking in a time machine that is more like an art wonderland, Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Fac
tory-styled, starting from how everything began – the first section called ‘Louis Vuitton and Arts’ – to a special part dedicated to magnificent artworks produced by seven young and upcoming Hong Kong artistes.

Apart from the trunks, art connoisseurs would certainly be delighted to see an array of collaborative artworks crafted by renowned Japanese manga artist Takashi Murakami, the man who gave us the cutesy manga-esque Murakami and LV Camouflage prints; Richard Prince’s joke prints and his infamous joke print bags that sold like hot cakes last spring and summer, as well as the psychedelic artistic paintings and goods by the late Stephen Sprouse.

Each artiste’s space is decorated according to their respective aesthetics, thus enabling visitors to feel and experience their vibes or auras surrounding those spaces.

Enter the second section of the exhibition. Divided into three parts namely ‘The Architectural Project’, “A Collection, A Choice’ and ‘The Guests’, this section features art collections permanently owned by the Fondation and further explains about the Fondation's philosophy.

Inside the ‘Architectural Project’, the first thing you will see and captures your attention and imagination is the model of Louis Vuitton’s Fondation building, which will be located within the woods of Bois de Boulogne, Paris.

The building, which looks like a ship with glass sails emerging from the woods, is designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry and boasts 3800 square metres of space. It will be housing Fondation’s permanent art collections as well as a venue for related events.

In second part of the three-part section, which is ‘A Collection, A Choice’, the artworks and installations displayed here serve as a tribute to Hong Kong’s eclectic, energetic and dynamic qualities.

For example, renowned artist Jeff Koons created a whimsical artwork featuring lyrical landscapes emerging with the clashes of time, while British photographer duo Gilbert & George photographed the city through a frontal aesthetic, the suspended momentum in a Formula One pit stop.

And last but not least, are the works of young and rising Hong Kong talents that have been personally selected by Philip Tinari, China’s renowned art connoisseur and curator.

And while art-craving visitors were feasting their eyes on the tremendously fabulous artworks, press members and selected guests were treated to a meet and greet with Mr. Jacobs himself and a book-signing by Mr. Takashi Murakami.

Of course, nobody wants to miss both for the world! So, if you are in Hong Kong at the moment and a devout Louis Vuitton follower
, try not to miss the exhibition and immerse in the infectious vibe of art, through the perspective of Louis Vuiton.

*Photos by Lawrence Yu and Jimmy Cohrssen. All courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

The “Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation” exhibition is still open to the public now and will close its door on 9th August 2009. Admission tickets priced at HK$30.00 for general admission and HK$15.00 for full-time students, disabled people and senior citizens age 60 and above.

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