Sunday, August 30, 2009

Men in Red ... Etro F/W 2009-10

When I was young, I always knew that red is just red – one, single shade that is eternally hot and flaming.

That perception lingers in my mind until one day, while I was in the art class, I suddenly realised that red can be split into several related colours, such as purple, aubergine, plum, burgundy, magenta and so on. What a revelation, I exclaimed.

This season, Etro takes red as its prime subject for its menswear collection. Staged to the avid fashionistas and fashion media members, the revered Italian fashion house uses red in different incarnations to create a subtle yet sartorial autumn/winter vestments for men.

Long-known as a colour that embodies power as well as the virtues of true warrior, the collection kick starts with a well-tailored suiting in vermilion red. Paired with a chequered shirt and slim black tie, the addition of knitted head covering in multi-tonal yarns and a knitted elongated scarf in brilliant shade of crab tree apple red, divinely represent the new look of a modern-day harlequin or court jester with a touch of true Italian sartorial.

Apart from suits, cloaks and coats too received the similar treatment of colours, with delicate pomp and colour richness. For instance, Harlequin prints of overlapping dual-tone colour shapes richly adorn the coats with bright red macramé lapels. Of course, taming the fiery redness of the jacket and bringing forth the wearer’s masculinity is the black turtleneck top worn with matching front-pleated pants and finely gilded slim belt.

On the other hand, another key piece of the season for men, which is the cloak, is truly made to reminisce the ones worn during medieval times.

Akin to a beautiful medieval tapestry with lush, thick furry collars, the Etro cloaks feature longer lines with tonal hand knitted and fringed trimmings, plus buttons to protect style nomads from harsh winter winds.

And to inject the sense of style and smartness to the modern nomad, the cloak is beautifully paired with bright turtleneck top, which perhaps dyed in crab tree apple hue, and relaxed brown pants that matches the milieu of the rich tapestry-like cloak.

As for the accessories department, Etro coveters can always look forward to knitted maxi scarves, unique woollen gloves cum mittens and 1920’s inspired shoes in mauve-dyed python and sharkskin.

Etro autumn/winter 2009 collection for men is available now at all Etro stores, select multi-brand retailers and upscale departmental stores worldwide.

*Photos courtesy of Etro.

Etro – Ground Floor, Parkson Pavilion, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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