Friday, September 04, 2009

Seen on Carrie Bradshaw ... Jee Vice shades

Hear ye, hear ye Sex and the City fans … our beloved city girls (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte) are back at the locations, filming the movie’s second sequel.

And despite autumn is heading to New York and the rest of Northern Hemisphere very soon, the girls have been spotted in their nonchalant summer pieces while shooting scenes.

As usual, all eyes are on the styles and there is lots of good stuff waiting to be paraded or sashayed by the girls in the new movie. And spotted in one of the scenes, where Sarah Jessica Parker as her on-screen alter ego Carrie Bradshaw sported bohemian chic tiered mini dress in purplish blue or cornflower blue with, well here’s the best part, a Jee Vice shades!

Okay, I know everyone is going ‘huh’ right now, since not every one knows what Jee Vice is. So, here’s something that I get from their website. Jee Vice is a sunglasses brand from France and has been decorating stylish women eyes since 2003. Hand designed in France and handmade in Italy, Jee Vice designs are inspired by influential designs of the 50’s and up to the 70’s.

“I want to give with Jee Vice a new way for women to feel their power through their look,” says founder and designer Philippe Vergez. “I wish to inspire the desire to love and live their passions, to fully commit themselves and elevate the perception of the contemporary woman.”

To date, lots of celebrities have pledged their allegiance to Jee Vice and they include singers Duffy, Christina Milian, the Pussycat Dolls; actors Anne Hathaway, Rosanna Arquette, Lindsay Lohan and Katherine Heigl, as well as world-renowned socialite/model/entrepreneur/whatever Paris Hilton. Even her pop majesty Madonna was spotted wearing one of Jee Vice creations called the Black Dyslexic in a few tabloids and magazines.

However, no matter how many exciting different styles they have in stores for you to covet, I am fully assured that many Sex and the City die-hard style emulators are going to stampede into optical stores and get Heated in orange, as seen on and worn by, who else if not the leading lady and Queen Bee of Sex and the City the Movie 2, Sarah Jessica Parker!

Made as part of the Revolutionary Correct collection, which is the premier line, Heated is really sexy and mirrors the pure style of today’s contemporary woman. What’s more, it is also a unisex shades and a perfect compliment to your laidback eternally summer style.

But if Heated is not your cup of style, then go for the oversized and vintage-inspired Red Hot (as shown above). Alluring and luxurious, the shades, which is available in multitude of hues aside of red, reminds me of classic beauty such as the legendary burlesque star Dita von Teese.

So, where to get them? Currently, I have no idea which optical store or optometry that carries this brand locally. But if you are planning to fly to Hong Kong for some retail therapy, you can get a pair or two of Jee Vice’s marvellous shades at O-O Shop and Puyi Optical chain all over the city, or buy them online at Jee Vice’s online store or Heated retails at US$170.00, while Red Hot at US$250.00 each.

*Photos courtesy of and Décor My Eyes.

Jee Vice at O-O Shop – Level 2, Pacific Place Seibu, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Tel: 852 2971 3870.

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iloveme said...

gawddddddddddd.... i've always loveeee carrie.... mon amie!!!

Miss Head Over Heels said...

Those sunnies are spectacular. Good blog.

cerelina Jewelry said...

Hey babe...
Love those sunnies ...oohhh & Carrie too !

Celeste Bee said...

I honestly hope that they make a SATC movie in Malaysia featuring local designers. That'll be great!!