Friday, August 04, 2006

Paris Hilton is BURNING...

You've seen her on TV making stupid statements and go dumb in The Simple Life series, you saw her being stabbed to death in House of Wax and you even had a whif on her perfume line, Just Me by Paris Hilton for both men and women and now, like it or not, you'll get to hear her voice on the radio streams. Yes, the multi-entrepreneur hotel heiress is out with her debut album, aptly titled Paris.

The album was produced under Paris's own label Heiress Records and Warner Music with collaboration from several top-notch producers that includes Scott Storch (50 Cent, Beyoncé), Jonathan "J.R." Rotem (Rihanna), and Dr. Luke (Pink, Kelly Clarkson). Stars are Blind, the first single taken from the album proved that Paris is not just a brainless beauty.

The song was so infectious that it did received almost frequent rotation and requests on air ever since it's official release on the 5th June 2006, making it possible for the hotel heiress,model, and a wild party girl to reign the Pop charts across the world.

"It's danceable with great beats. She has a very sweet voice. It sounds exactly like what you would want Paris to be doing," says producer Scott Storch. "She's got quite a musical ability. Her rhythm is much better than a lot of people I've recorded in the past."

To date, Stars are Blind is positioned at number 16 on Billboard's Pop Chart and also the number one most digitally downloaded single. To celebrate the album release, Warner Music Malaysia is holding a launching party at Zouk KL on the 19th of August 2006 while the album will be available in stores on 22nd August 2006.

*Album cover art courtesy of Warner Music

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