Thursday, September 21, 2006

When Men Dresses Up

Being a man means you have a little access to style and what you should buy or have in your wardrobe coordination. Okay, maybe you might think that I've been misinterpreting this because fashion houses and magazines have been touting stuffs as must haves but what I am trying to say is that our style has been always limited to shirt, slacks, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops and occassionally swimming trunks.

Compared to the femmes, I am not ashamed to say that I'm envious of them because their styles are ecclectic. A woman wear not just a skirt or dress but they also can wear pants or tuxedo (think of Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking tuxedo) whenever they want.

She could be wearing a Valentino evening gown at a ball on Thursday and on Friday, she sports the masculine look in Giorgio Armani pantsuit. In short, a woman has all the freedom to dress up instead of men although the masculine gender have long considered as powerful and dominating. At times I kept wondering why men have to wear the same stuff everyday. I mean why do we have to wear pants and shirts for the rest of our lives when the ladies gets to drape themselves in halter necks, tube dresses, barebacks, empire lines, plunging necklines or toga? Isn't that a tad unfair?

And from day to day, more male designers are turning away from designing for their own species, concentrating on the fairer sex instead. If it's because of the demands from fashionable women around the world that wants a new yet fresh looks then it's acceptable but don't you think that we guys too deserve for something new? Whatever it is, till there comes a group of new designers that will start a new revolution on male fashion, then all of us MALES will stick to the conventional way of dressing up.

*Photo by Marcio Madeira/VOGUE

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