Friday, November 24, 2006

Covet This ... Roberto Cavalli Silk Chiffon Dress

Roberto Cavalli is not only known as the King of Sensuality, he's also known as the King of Chiffon (which is notable from the material that is mainly used in his creations and it's chiffon) and the King of Animal prints.

One main reason why women around the world are coveting his creations season after season. It is the timelessness that lies in Cavalli's design that can be seen through the application of animal prints on every pieces he created.

Acquiring his inspirations from the dry, arid and wild African Savannah and reserve games where the leopards and cheetahs roaming wild and free in the wilderness plus the hues and nature of the Mediterranean where his birthplace Italy is located, he turn them as a comparison on how a Roberto Cavalli woman should be - wild, free, sophisticated, sexy, alluring and captivating.

Therefore, why don't you immerse yourself in the spirit of Roberto Cavalli's womanhood by draping yourself to this luxurious Silk Chiffon Dress.

Why do we covet this dress?
Sexy is the key word to describe this dress. The luxurious yet soft silk chiffon that suits our tropical South East Asian climate teemed with the ageless leopard print that has been a part of Cavalli's trademark gives a dramatic effect to the wearer. Best of all, this dress is a collectors' item so it may be in a limited number.

Features that we should look into?
Look for the neckline. Cavalli incorporates the draping technique on the neckline to create flow and exudes softness. The same technique too was applied on the bared backside. The hemlines are handkerchief hemlines.

When and where should I wear it?
This dress is great for both day and night. Wear it to the office and you'll be christened the new Anna Wintour or at the Art Gallery's cocktail party for a sophisticated look. For best effect, channel the styles of Lauren Bacall, Gwen Stefani or Catherine Deneuve.

And what's the harm?
Indulge in the spirit of the African feline for an approximate of RM13,242.32, a perfect investment for a starry yet timeless look.

Where can I set my trap and bring it home?
The Link Boutique in Singapore or buy it online at Nordstrom's designer collection site.

*Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

The Link - Level 2, Mandarin Gallery #333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867. Tel: 65 6733 7185

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