Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gucci by Gucci

When we talk about Italian fashion, one name that any devoting fashion fans can't miss is Gucci. Founded in the 1921 by Guccio Gucci at Florence as a small luggage making shop, Gucci was the first to introduce the refined and exclusive luggage created by the master craftmanship of the Tuscan artisans.

In 1940s, Gucci's rise to fame began with the introduction of Bamboo-handle tote, which has become one of the brand's iconic product favored by celebrities, royalties and socialites and it is still produced today. Among adoring icons that count themselves as the fan of Gucci are the late Jackie Kennedy (whose Jackie O bag was named after her press-given moniker), former Hollywood starlet and consort to late Prince Rainier of Monaco late Grace Kelly (a floral print scarf was created for her), actress Elizabeth Taylor, Samuel Beckett and the most photographed woman ever lived, late Princess Diana.

From the 1950's onwards, Gucci began to dominate the world fashion scene with its expansion towards the other parts of the world and that includes Malaysia, through the timeless and luxurious leather goods and a succesful ready-to-wear line headed by the suave yet sexy Texan fashion designer, Tom Ford. The rest of the story as they say is history.

Today the history of Gucci lives on and to celebrate its 85th year in the fashion arena, the luxury brand comes out with a coffeetable tome called Gucci by Gucci. The 450-page book is a passage of life that the brand went through, and this include an array of photographs which some of them had never been published to the public.

The book is sold at selected bookstores worldwide and specially for devoted fans, Gucci by Gucci is also available in a limited edition version that features "La Pele Guccissima" slipcase. The limited edition book will be available at all Gucci stores worldwide.

*Photo by Gucci

Gucci - Suria KLCC, Starhill Gallery, Avenue K

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