Thursday, November 16, 2006

For Your Road Warrior This Joyful Season

Finding your man a gift is not as easy as finding a gift for your girlfriend or mom. I'm not saying that men are fussy because as far as I concern, women are fussier than man (just a personal thought and no offence :D) but somehow there's always a mystery about a person known as MAN.

For a woman, it's hard to understand what a man wants unless she already kept his secrets under her sleeve. And do bear in mind that not all man are the same. Okay, in general many of us have known that a man is a man if he loves technical stuff, racing on dirt or road with his friends on machines (I mean cars and motorcycles), and still have the inner child spirit despite of being a grown up.

Since Christmas is almost near and all of us have already feel the spirit within the air, why not bring the road warrior in him with this edgy yet suave Spec 1R Gamble full-face helmet from Suomy and take note that this helmet is only suitable if your man is a biker.

Why do I like it?
There are three things that I like most about this helmet. First, it is lightweight (1.2 kg), second, it is worn by world-class racers and third, the cool gamble-themed graphic that's enough to seduce any man to climb on their bikes and raced up to Genting for a dose of gambling.

What features should I look into?
This helmet has a removable 3D cheek pads and inner lining that are washable so your man will never have to wear a sweat-stinked and soaked helmet; anti-fog and scratch face shield suitable for racing on the road in all types of weather, breath deflector to prevent fogging on the inner surface of the visor, special sound absorbing polymers to protect the wearer's ears from excessive noises and upper venturi-effect exhaust ventilation for easy breathing and good ventilation.

And what's the damage?
Currently the price is not yet available.

Where can I get it?
You can get this marvellous piece of racing tech from Niezak Consupser Sdn. Bhd.

*Photo courtesy of Suomy Helmets

Suomy - Niezak Consupser Sdn. Bhd. 12-1B Jalan Hilir1,Taman Sri Angsana Hilir Kampung Pandan 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: +603 92001440 Fax: +603 92861077

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