Sunday, January 21, 2007

What our babies want ... Baby Dior Feeding Bottle

With our economic situation has fully recovered, Malaysian and Asians are seen to indulge themselves in luxury here and there.

Spending wads of money on designer bags and clothes are no longer seen as questionable and yes, not everyone is spared from the designer fever. From young urban men and women to even kids, designers of today have just the right thing for everyone regardless of age. Once, only Greek shipping heiress Athina Roussel Onnasis was known to have a miniature set of Dior clothes when she was a child and that was pre-Baby Dior.

After decades, boom, rich parents began to think that it is time to start them young, in wearing designer clothes like they do so there comes Baby Dior. Right now, if our babies can speak, I guess the only thing they had in mind is this superb yet chic Baby Dior Large Feeding Bottle.

Why do the babies want it?
Well, if you have started teach them about the glory and the beauty of all things designers, then it's no wonder that your baby would crave for it too once they are conceived.

What's so special about it?
The CD monogram print on the bottle and its casing. The bottle is available in two hues, which are black (featured here) and baby blue.

Other than that?
If you are an avid fans of Dior monogram then consider this as a collectors' item. After all, fashion comes in many things, shapes and sizes.

Will my baby become John Galliano?
That's a pretty tough question. Unless Galliano has put a sort of spell in this bottle then who knows your baby may take over his position as Dior's creative director in the next 30 years to come :D

How much will it set me back?
An approximate of RM 139.96 for this beautiful, chic, elegant feeding bottle that might deliver the fashionable aura of John Galliano.

Where I can get it?
Unfortunately only selected Dior stores carry Baby Dior goods but you may contact the nearest ones and find out if they can get it specially for you. Another alternative, purchase it at

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Christian Dior - Indulge Floor, Starhill Gallery, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 50100 Kuala Lumpur; Isetan KLCC, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur; Satellite A, Passenger Level, Kuala Lumpur International Airport Sepang, Selangor.

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