Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Affordable Hollywood Affair

You just received an invitation to the annual dinner of the company you worked for. As a loyalist to the company, it is an obligation that you faithfully obliged every year. If last year's theme was Enchanted Forest where everyone dresses up in goblins, fairies, pixies and elves, well this year your bosses decided to make it a grand Hollywood affair.

Yes, the theme will either be the Oscars or the Grammys. Of course when it comes to such themes, you and your colleagues need to be in the best tuxedos for the male and evening dresses for the females. A Hollywood A-listers type of dresses, that is.

Well, you have to worry no more because Coco Myles is here to save the day. The online emporium of women's formal gow
n will help you fulfill your wish to be a Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie walking on the red carpet just for a night by offering you a wide selection of star-inspired dresses and gowns at a fraction of the actual couture costs that not only breaking your bank but also dampens your dream of the Caribbean seaside retirement by extending it to another 20 years of hard work.

Apart from purchasing the same dress worn by Jennifer Hudson at the Golden Screen Awards recently, you too can have a custom-made gowns or dresses by creating your own design using the designing tools on the website.

According to Howard Bender, the President of New York-based Coco Myles, the company's proprietary software and made-to-order manufacturing process make it possible for Coco Myles to offer personalized, custom-made dresses at affordable price. "We enable customers to design and purchase the fashionable dress she wants at a very favorable price with just a few clicks.

"In terms of formal dresses, nothing inspires fashion as much as popular award shows, particularly the Academy Awards. Our Celebrity-Inspired line is based on the ideas of bringing excitement and glamor to these star-filled events to the average women. To do that, we create beautiful dresses made from highest quality materials, and make sure that the prices for these dresses are accessible. The average price for our Celebrity-Inspired dresses is only $140.00.

"We're also unique in terms of our customization since our dresses can be ordered in the color that propelled it to its popularity, or made in any color offered in the Coco Myles palettes. This provides the best of both worlds - a highly stylized celebrity-inspired dress seen around the world with a personal touch!"

Here's a good news. Coco Myles does ship its good worldwide and international shipping are done via UPS and goods are delivered within eight weeks after order being made. Ladies, what are you waiting for? Log on to Coco Myles official site and start customizing Hillary Swank's dress (featured inset) or conceive your own by unleashing the hidden creativity inside.

*Photos courtesy of Coco Myles.

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