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An Eclectical Season at Jovovich-Hawk

For ages, there is an argument of sort on who designs the best clothes in terms of gender. While many would hailed men as the best fashion designer for they know how to exploit the female silhouettes and shapes but to me, when it comes to the desire in dressing up, I guess women designs better for their own kind. What I'm trying to say here is that a woman knows what other women want because they share the same passion in dressing and dolling up.

Take Jovovich-Hawk
for example. This superb brainchild of two creative people in the fashion industry, Milla Jovovich, a renowned model who have fronted hundreds of ad campaigns for hundreds of world-famous brands under her portfolio and also an actress, and Carmen Hawk, a fashion designer and also a former fashion model, was conceived from the same views and belief that they had on women's clothing - it should feel good, look great, feel bad, look great, and does not have to be the spectacle of the wearer, apart from being wearable and comfortable.

The history began when the first Jovovich-Hawk collection caught the attention of John Eshaya, Women's Creative Director for Ron Herman at Fred Segal. The collection, which was sold exclusively at Fred Segal stores sold out instantly and by the time it reached the second season, the store began reordering its stock midway through the season, proving that their foray in fashion design bore a fruit of success. Soon, not only American fashionistas got their feet swoon over the line, but also the entire world with a total of 65 stores stocking the brand season after season.

For Spring/Summer 2007 Collection, Milla and Carmen drew their inspiration from various subjects such as Victorian circus, the 70's hippies, and vivacious India. Frocks and separates were creatively done and not a single detail is left behind. Braided belts in metallic threads, colorful beadworks, eyelets, folk and cameo-inspired embroideries, piping, ruches and ruffles, frills and trims are the details added into the collection to create a mix of old and modern world charm.

Sheer fabric such as chiffon, Georgette and viscose are used liberally in the collection to suit the climate of the two season which are mildly hot and humid, especially in the Spring when it usually rains.

Not to be left behind is the plethora of flower print which is the staple of the season as well as the graphically enchanting polka dots, reminiscing the past when it was the 'in' print on any design. For accessories, Milla and Carmen, who also modeled the pieces for promotional stills, wore straw hats, flower brooches clipped to their hair as well as mahogany leather sandals.

Once a fan told me at an online fashion forum that Jovovich-Hawk creations are inspiring and indeed, it is inspiring. Personally I think that the Spring/Summer 2007 collection is the best I have seen because it combines all artistic elements, a feature the label is known for. Therefore I will give my two thumbs up for the season's collection.

Talking about favorite pick, I guess those who have viewed the collection at Jovovich-Hawk's official site must have chosen what they want from this collection and maybe some of us confused with the eclectic ensemble of feminine clothes.

My favorite pick that I personally love from this collection is the Vanity 6 dress. What is so unique about this chocolate medium dots printed dress is it's a combination of a kimono dress and large pants sewn together to create a dress that's out of this world.

It has a kimono-inspired deep V-neckline and knee-length hems with piped frill details on the neckline and hemlines. The dress is also supported by two spaghetti straps and has a self-tie belt attached under the neckline.

Seen here, the dress is accessorized with large cornflower brooch pinned on hair and a pair of mahogany leather sandals with chunky wooden heels. The Vanity 6 dress is best worn at daytime.

My second favorite pick is the India long dress. This long dress reminds me of the days when Hippies and flower power ruled the earth's sense of style while The Mamas and Papas, The Who and George Harrison blared on the stereo or performing live on stage.

The dress features the prints of red blooming poppies and daisies in yellow and purplish-pink; large pleated bust with maroon chiffon frill detail on the ankle-length hemline, chiffon wide ribbon trim on the elongated sleeves, sides and square neckline.

Pay close attention to the braided sash on the waist. The sash is made from metallic threads of red and gold and it is likely to be inspired by the Indian or Persian costume hence the name of the dress India. The India long dress is suitable worn at daytime or any Hippie-themed cocktail parties.

Fall in love with the selections? Now get your purse and dash out to any of the 65 stores that sells Jovovich-Hawk line now because the Spring/Summer 2007 is already available in stores.

*Photos courtesy of Jovovich-Hawk.

Jovovich-Hawk at TriBeCa - 101C, First Floor, Ampang Mall, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

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