Monday, March 26, 2007

M stands for ... Madonna's Madness

Last Thursday, the much awaited and anticipated launch of Madonna's capsule collection for Swedish fashion retailer Hennes and Mauritz (H&M), known as M by Madonna took place all over the world, despite of its early Asian debut 12 days earlier.

As expected, there were long queues at the storefront and there are some who waited as early as six in the morning just to be the first to see, try and buy the stuff from the M by Madonna collection.

Though the launch marked her foray into fashion, the response that her line received from the fashion world was quite mixed. While much of H&M stores are giving the most attention to the line by running a grand ad campaign on printed medias, electronics as well as billboard and hoardings plus giving away autographed M trenches for free, there are some that doesn't blink an eye on it.

In other words, the world isn't too frenzy over her fashion foray. She might be one of the best songwriter, entertainer and a trendsetter for the past two decades but a fashion designer, absolutely NO. By the way, do you think she wears her own design in the public, away from the publicity shots that graced the bus stands and billboards all over the cities where H&M stores are present? Another NO will be the answer.

Judging on her designs, it is undeniable that all the 30-pieces that she co-designed with Margaretha van de Bosch are best worn at all times and season but a kimono dress? That is so passé and I don't remember any designer came out with such design post Tom Ford for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. The scarf is too simple and plain. Everyone can design a scarf with the word M all over a piece of fabric and the pumps with block heels? Oh what is that? An ode to the old office girls? Come on!

I can see that Madge must've been watching Down With Love for so many times until she got stuck over the idea of wearing a turban as something cool and trendy just like Renee Zelwegger did (to hide her redhead hair) in the end of the movie. To my surprise, the turban too was in cream, the same one as worn by Zelwegger.

But out of all stuff that are so British-ey and so I've-realized-I'm-bear-50 kind of style, I love that wide belt in croc-embossed leather. It really defy the fashion gravity. I mean that kind of belt was the in thing last Fall and suddenly she brought it back in a luxurious treatment. That's sweet. That stilettos, if she got them embellished, that would definitely reminds me of Roberto Cavalli's stilettos with the serpent details on the front.

Overall, she did a great job except for her design has no artistic value and does not represent her very well in the sense of style because she is a fashion chameleon and she changes herself from time to time. Madge, if you're doing this again, then please try to be incorporate your real style - bold, audacious and daring, instead of conceiving some auntie styles for women of your age.

M by Madonna is available now at all H&M stores and stocks will be replenished during its month-long stint.

*Photos courtesy of H&M

Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) - 68, Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong.

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