Saturday, March 24, 2007

Must Have ... Harajuku Lovers Fan Twill Bag

Harajuku, one of the energetic and trendy place in Tokyo has been a source of inspiration for some designers and artistes as well.

Well, Gwen Stefani is one of them and thanks to the introduction of Harajuku Girls, her four Japanese dancers with four distinctive characters namely Love, Angel, Music and Baby got her fans swooned over their feet.

With colorful outfits that are so typically Kawaii, the Harajuku Girls too inspired Gwen to launch her second fashion line called Harajuku Lovers, a much affordable one compared to the high-quality and fashionable L.A.M.B.

Featuring clothes that are unseasonal and suitable to be worn either by day or night, Harajuku Lovers have attracted many loyal fans and even celebrities (and celebutantes) wore them and got their pics posted on the front pages of tabloids and chick magazines.

If you want to get the vibe and join their league (the Harajuku Lovers fans) then get yourself this fabulous and comical Fan Twill Bag from Harajuku Lovers.

Why do we love them?
First because it's designed by the Gwen Stefani and second, we love the its comic appearance that is different from other bags and brands.

Yes, the bag is comical because it features the illustrations of Gwen in Alice in Wonderland garb (remember her first video for L.A.M.B, What You're Waiting For? where she dressed as Alice in Wonderland?) and her four beloved Harajuku Girls.

I'm not a comical person. Do they have a sober version one, sans Gwen and co.'s illustration on it?
Well, I'm glad you ask me that question. Fortunately they do have a sober version to the bag but this one features a multitude of safety pins illustrations all over the bag.

I'm a space-mad kind of person and I like to stuff all of my possessions into my bag. Can I do that with this Fan Twill bag?
Ermm, yes you may because it has many compartments and pockets so you can stuff almost anything into it but don't make it too many because it your bag may look funny :D

Anything that sets this bag apart from other bags?
Like most Harajuku Lovers bags, this Twill-weave polyester bag features a skate key charm with the HL insignia that seems sweet and trendy.

How much it will cost me to be Harajuku-rized?
Not much. An approximate price of RM 280.00, excluding shipping and appropriate taxes.

Where can I get it? Harajuku?
No my dear. Who said you have to travel all the way to Tokyo to get it? You can either buy it straight from the web at or at Queen's Couture in Singapore.

*Photo courtesy of Harajuku Lovers.

Queens Couture - #04-41, The Heeren Shops, 260 Orchard Road, Singapore 238855.

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