Monday, April 30, 2007

Have This ... Missoni Rhinestone M Sunglasses

Sunglasses has always been the perfect accessory to complement your look. Not only it filters the harmful UV rays from your eyes, but it also creates a personal fashion statement.

With mod 60's and the ultra-glam 80's returned to the scene in a continuous way, retro is the name of the game and yes, sunglasses too did not want to miss the fun for good. Add colors and function to your sunnies collection with Missoni's Rhinestone M Sunglasses.

Why do we like it?
To be honest, the Missoni sunglasses are the only Missoni item that we can buy locally while for the rest of the brand, as usual we have to cross the causeway to get them. Woes aside, we simply like it because it's simple and nice. The square rhinestone accents on the temples are the wooing factor and that's why it should be in ever fashionable women's tote.

Other than that?
Take a closer look at the lining. The multicolor lining on the frames can be simply translated as a representation of the fashion house and what the label is known for - colorful knits. The crisscrossing hues of green, orange, and black reminds me of one of Missoni's past creations.

With what should I wear it?
Anything. It'll be better off if you put on anything from the Missoni's latest ready-to-wear collection with bold and bright hues, just as endorsed by the fashion bibles.

Any glam factor?
To date I haven't see it hanging on the faces of any celebrities both international and local but as I have said earlier, a sunglasses too could create a personal fashion statement. Therefore, just go with it. After all, it's Missoni baby.

How much do I have to dig inside my Bottega?
The terrific and magnificent sunglasses with Rhinestone accents is approximately priced at RM1162.97 or US$340.00.

And where can I find it?
At all Missoni stores, selected fine department stores and optical stores around the world. In Malaysia, Missoni sunglasses are available at Reliance Opticals.

*Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Reliance Opticals - No. 27, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

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