Thursday, April 16, 2009

From The Bottom of My Heart ... My Sincere Thank You

Dear all,

Three years have passed and I felt as if it was only yesterday I started my first post in this blog. Well, true as they say, time tends to slip through our fingers without being noticed. In conjunction with Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia’s third anniversary, which is today, I would like to dedicate this open thank you letter to family, friends and fans that have been supporting the blog since the last three years.

My great thank you goes to my family – Babah, Mama, Syakeera and Haziq - as well as my extensive family on both sides for their love, support and great thoughts.

Á tous mes amis en mode – Ariane Lacroix (Lanvin), Robin (Maria Luisa), Dennis Ong Adiwijaya, Guillaume Salmon (Colette Paris), Chavernet Couture Paris et Geneviève Vuillemin (MinaPoe) … une mille mercis de moi pour tes amitiés, tes confiances et tes aides … je l’embrasse très fort! Encore mille mercis á les fans ‘die-hard’ d’Anggun au France – Ayla et Niko – pour ses amitiés et partageant la même passion pour la musique d'Anggun. Salut!!!

My beloved fashionable ‘friends’ in the Stateside - Debrah San Jose, Geren Ford, Clare Vivier, Lisa Weiss (Debut NY), Jessica Bliemaster (Blue Stripe PR), Nicole Lafave (Omelle) … it’s an honour for me to be able to work with you girls and I hope we can meet and have a great party someday when I get the chance to visit US.

To my favourite model Anderson Davis and shoe illustrator Mark Schwartz, thank you for taking a fraction of your time entertaining my interview requests. Anderson, keep that hot bod of yours pumping; Mark, keep me mesmerised with your designs. I love them all!

A mi ‘favourite fashion blogger’ d’Italia Patrizia ( – I love your blog darling … it’s so Italian chic and I keep coming back for more :D

Aya Nakagawa (Colenimo), Jerome Rousseau and Camilla Skovgaard – love your works so much people and I like the fact that you always surprise me with new takes on fashion … Thanks so much and keep in touch!

To Yotam Solomon (Los Angeles) … Oh dear, am so sorry for not featuring your designs in the blog but will find some time to do it. Honey, your designs are absolutely gorgeous and so avant-garde. Amaze me!

Á mis buenos amigos señores Franc Villa y Vicente Puerto … como le va amigos? Muchas apologías por no poder atender a la feria reciente del Basel Watch Fair 2009. Pero miraré adelante a los grandes relojes de usted pronto. Saludos!

Para mi ‘nuestra señora del zapatas’ y la dueña del Shuz Farah Kasim … mi amor, muchas gracias por tu amistad y tus confianzas en mi … eres siempre mi hermana. Besos y abrazos!

My special thanks also goes to: Maizen Maison (Shirieene Hajamaideen, Rekha Sen, Nilam Lakmichand, Shereen Jaafar and Milla Chee), Shareen Ramli, Camelia, Magie Abang Saufi, Oxygen Magazine (John Leong and Sarah Tan), Rachel Khiew (Lush Icons), The Emperor’s New Clothes (Memed, Elyna, Ruben and Khairy), Danielle Chiam (Gucci), Valiram Group (Joanne, Su Ann, Su Fern, Nicole, Annie, Yeohleen, Karen, Monica, Ida, Ashok, Ashvin, Mukesh and Sharan), The Link Singapore (Ms. Tina Tan-Leo, Alphonsus Chung and Ingrid How), Graha Lifestyle (Puan Sri Monique and Jennifer Lee), Daslu (Ms. Eliana Tranchesi and Ms. Monica Mendes), Bulgari (Pagen Chee, Shirlynn Oh and Ms. Asha Langdown), Clara Goh (Fendi), Anson Shum (Hugo Boss HK), Chloe Asia Pacific (Odette Crocket and Kary Ng), Jasmine Kamal (Louis Vuitton Malaysia), Ferhat Nazri-Aziz (Melium Group), Amri Rahim (DDB PR), Priority Communications (Celina, Mary-Ann and Karen), Salvatore Ferragamo Malaysia (Ms. C.S. Fann and Chloe), Ms. Velda Mah (Celine, FJ Benjamin Singapore), Adeline Choo (Luxury Concepts), Ai Leen Tay (L’Oreal Malaysia), Soo Shea Pin (Anya Hindmarch Malaysia), Angie Tan and Gabey Goh (Malay Mail), Dzireena Mahadzir (Starmag, The Star), Dazman Manan, Kiffy Razak (Nona), RAPR-Mileage (Dato’ Nancy Yeoh and Kiranjeet), Suria Meriang (Ms. Yap Mei Foong, Shanen Hugh and Jean Loh), Michelle Pringadi (GRI Retail), Naomi Lim, Nicole Lim (Apcot), John Marcus Rayarouth (Prestige Magazine), Sonya Tampubolon (Spice Magazine, Indonesia), Richard Tan Hee Hui, Robert Cordero (JC Report), Shelon Ho (Lane Crawford Hong Kong), Stephanie Fang, Sukullaya Sripongsai, Suyee Chung (Hermès Malaysia), Sze Yoong (Sze Accessories), Yi Von Tai, Malaysia Tatler, Aizat Aidid (The Goddess Says blog), Nana Taha (Ramblings of a Mad Woman blog), Judith Leow, Anna Ayuda, Claire Woods, Inge de Boer, Sandra Azwan, Sallendra, Marion Caunter, Nur Mohamed, Adam Lee, Brian Kwong, Estelle Ong, Alex Eu, Marlina Azmi, Robert Chan, William Kee, Alison Rodrigues, Khoon Hooi, Stephanie Chai, MEM Couture, Cynthia Seow, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina and all my dearest and closest friends.

To my idol cum favourite fashion editor of all time Natasha Kraal (Harper's BAZAAR Malaysia), I'm literally out of words but all I can say now is, thank you for inspiring me to be a good fashion writer through your inspirational writeups. I appreciate it so much.

To my muse and designer of the moment Amir Luqman … it’s been a great pleasure to know and to work with you … I appreciate our friendship so much and will be supporting you till the end of time. I know you have what it takes to give Halston or Biba a run off their money. So hit it darling :D

My dear Emileen, congratulations on your new gig and yep, you are going to be the next Kimora Lee Simmons. I’ve no doubt in that. Thanks so much for your friendship all these years. Hmm, maybe we should hang out more often then. Cheers!

To my ‘big sister’ Lind, miss hanging out with you. Will try to find one nice day so we can go drink and be merry till dawn okay. Hahahahaha. Ooh, I also miss free trips to Genting too now. Oops!

To my mentor and my light – Airil Haimi Adnan a.k.a. Teech: Thank you for having me as your student, believing in my best qualities and for all your advices on life and stuff like that. I’m going to miss you … big time! Hahaha!!!!

Last but not least, to the man who inspires me … my friend, my most trusted confidant and my brother Mansor Tun Abdul Aziz … dearest Mansor, you are like a God-sent angel to me and believe it or not, it’s almost two years since we started to know each other. Thank you so much for your kind words and advices and for being dear to me.

To those who I did not mention your name, please blame my head but not my heart because there is where you always belong.


3 fashionistas wrote ...:

Anonymous said...

wah.. such a long thank you. Thanks to you to! I'm an avid reader of ur blog...

the MUA said...

Italian AND French. I hate u, u multi talented diva!! =D

Zara said...


That is all i can afford to say. I am an avid reader of your blog and shopping updates. I SHOULD BE THANKING U.